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Great marketing is like networking—you can dish up the best food on offer but if people don’t know about it you won’t succeed! Knowing your key demographic is the core of marketing, and being at the forefront of those customers is execution.

So where are your customers hanging out? Over at Instagram, of course!

With over 1 billion active users browsing Instagram monthly, and a massive 334 million photos published on the #food hashtag, it’s easy to see why Instagram is where you need to invest your marketing efforts.

Social media users head to Twitter for news, Facebook for information, and Instagram for drool-worthy food photos. It’s the trend that doesn’t die down. An evening out with friends just isn’t the same without uploading a photo of your meal and tagging the restaurant. So if you’re eating out and not posting your meal you’re falling behind trend!

Capitalize on online activity. Engage, comment, like and hang out with your clientele. In simple terms—get social! Your company reputation and clientele trust can significantly increase simply by engaging with posts you are tagged in, or alternatively, posts in niche hashtags.

Niche Hashtags Explained

General hashtags on Instagram are the ones people tend to overuse and can apply to many industries. Some examples are #instagood, #family, #love, and #fun. While it is ok to use a few general hashtags in your hashtags sets—niche hashtags will better target your demographic.

You can find niche hashtags simply by taking a look at the tags food bloggers or your competitors use. Furthermore, when you are browsing one of said hashtags, Instagram will suggest related tags to use. And so forth and so forth.For Website design & development company in New York check RavisNY.

Without complicating it too much, we recommend picking a small selection of niche hashtags to use and targeting those before researching more. Once you’ve selected a couple start engaging and getting your brand name out there.

Don’t have the time to invest in outreach but want to reap the benefits? Instill the help of a safe and effective automated Instagram likes tool such as Likegrowers that does the work for you.

Insta-worthy Photos

Shake Shack has an impressive 583k followers on Instagram, and here is why we believe this restaurant is absolutely smashing it. Shake Shack features vibrant and high definition food photos that are sure to stimulate most appetites. Moreover, they have personalized their account by uniquely featuring snapshots of their restaurant employees. Further strengthening their brand image.

But having great content just isn’t enough if your content isn’t being seen.

Target Your Niche Demographic

If your restaurant is the local superstar for authentic pasta—you will want your neighborhood to know all about it, right? Clever geo-location targeting, as offered by Instagram Restaurants Tool (previously seen on TED), can place your restaurant in the eyes of those who matter most.

Damien Reyes from Kings Pizza says of this tool “The location-based targeting alone makes Likegrowers worth the price”. This Instagram restaurants tool works away in the background growing your following while you handle the running of your restaurant.

Instagram has uniquely changed the way diners eat out these days. Having an optimized Instagram profile, including location, awesome photography, and a catchy description is like a new-age business card.

Users can browse your food photos and get a snippet of what it would be like to dine at your restaurant before they’ve stepped foot in the door. And that is a very powerful thing because you have a chance to sway a diner’s decision before they’ve left their house—if done correctly!

Influencer Marketing

If you’re scratching your head at the thought of an influencer, your Instagram marketing could do with a freshen up. Influencers are key food accounts on the platform who have an engaged following and influence change, purchases and trends. Think of it like high school, there was always the cool crowd that influenced everything from what students wore to the color of one’s hair.

In the digital age, food bloggers and recipe creators are the influencers who can take your business to the next level. Instagram Restaurants Tool can help simplify this process and save you a lot of time. Simply type in the name of an influencer that is relevant to your restaurant niche, and Instagram Restaurants Tool can automate the engagement on your account to target the followers of said influencer.

This puts your account at the forefront of the eyes of your ideal customers.To know more information on SEO Services check Ubvvn

Takeaway Points

A. Know your clientele

B. Research niche hashtags and start using them

C. Like and comment online daily using Instagram Restaurants Tool

D. Post high-quality photos and content

E. Target your demographic by location for better results

F. Convince your clients from the comfort of their couch

G. Gain more diners

With over a billion users daily, you can leverage this very visual platform to increase your restaurant’s exposure. Enhance your brand awareness, reach new diners and connect with existing followers—these are just some of the other ways Instagram can better enhance your digital presence.

Kill It On Instagram As A Restaurateur
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