A backlink is a link that points from one domain to the other. For the website that links out it is called an “outbound link” and for the website that receives the link, it is called an “inbound link”.Backlinks act as a vote of trust and this is taken into account by the Google algorithm during the ranking process. For Digital Marketing Companies Check Vivid Digital  

How important are backlinks in SEO

Over the years Google tried to find a way to rank websites that was less reliant on backlinks.Despite their efforts and a number of tests performed, they concluded that webpages with the greater number of inbound links are indeed more useful to users than pages with less links. So, backlinks are still very important for SEO.

A website with great content and good on-page SEO can get to the first page of Google. A website with great content, good on-page SEO and backlinks can get to the top positions.

Link Building

From the above statement, it is clear that in order to achieve high rankings in Google, you need backlinks. The obvious question is how to get them? Are all links equal.This is how the term link building was born. As Google grew in popularity, webmasters realized the importance of backlinks and they started building links from other websites to satisfy the algorithm needs, get higher rankings and more traffic to their websites.

The problem is that soon this situation went out of hand. The web was flooded with websites that their sole purpose was to provide links to other websites without adding real value to the web or to users.These were known as link directories and later as article directories.The end result was that low-quality websites started appearing in the top of Google search results not because they provided great value to the users but because they had a lot of backlinks.

Google’s priority was (and still is), to provide a great experience for users so they took a number of actions to protect their search results.

Google Penalties

This is how Google penalties were born. Google added more rules to their ranking algorithm to differentiate good links from bad links.Websites that have a lot of bad backlinks are imposed a penalty and this means that either their rankings are reduced or they disappear from the Google index.To help webmasters comply with their policies they also introduced a set of guidelines giving more information about links and what is allowed or not.

What is a good link

A link added by a webmaster without monetary compensation A link coming from a related website A link coming from a website that is trusted by Google A link that adds additional value to the users of that website. Any links that don’t fall in one of the above categories are considered bad links and should be avoided if you want to stay out of trouble. SEO Services in Hyderabad visit here

How can you get backlinks to your website and improve your rankings

In a nutshell, the best way to get links from other websites is to create superb content that other webmasters will find useful and will reference it from their websites.This is also called natural link building and it’s the safest way to improve your Google rankings.The problem is that although you may have great content on your website, not a lot people can find it (since it has low rankings) and this means less chances of getting links.

Do Facebook likes count as links

This is where social media comes into play. Links from social media networks like Facebook or Twitter do not have a direct impact on your rankings since they are not counted as ‘links’ by the algorithms, but they can help in getting your great content in front of people that can potentially link to it.

Email Outreach

Another way is email outreach. Finding the emails of people that blog about similar topics and emailing them to let them know about your great content is another way to promote your website.

This works provided that you avoid spam techniques by starting to send massive emails to everyone that has a website.


How The Importance Of Backlinks In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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