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Honda Amaze Overview

Honda Amaze is a fantastic car in many respects. One of the highlights of all Honda cars is the renowned Honda engine that can perform endlessly and keep on delivering excellent mileage. Honda Amaze comes in seven petrol and diesel variants each. This highly competitive sedan can match Suzuki Dzire in its performance. Honda Amaze, unveiled in 2018 at the Delhi Auto Expo, gets its stylish and compact looks from other sedan brands from Honda. It is one car model in India where CVT is available in both petrol and diesel versions.Apply car loan for Honda Amaze.

The best aspect of Honda Amaze is that you get these exquisite looks, exciting interiors, and formidable features at the most affordable rates. Another unique feature of Honda Amaze is that it has the same ex-showroom price throughout India. Honda Amaze is available in five exotic colours, Radian Red, Orchid White Pearl, Modern Steel, Lunar Silver, and Golden Metallic Brown. Honda Amaze Golden Brown colour is the latest one to adorn this vehicle. Many Honda Amaze reviews appreciate these new Honda Amaze colours, especially the golden brown and radiant red ones.

Honda Amaze Style

It might be surprising for many, especially for those who saw the sedan at the Expo and found it quite hard to like, that the Amaze isn’t really that bad to look at out on the road. We might have a difference of opinion, but I’m sure it would be restricted to how individual parts of the Amaze are designed and not its overall get-up. Let me explain.

The Amaze looks one size bigger than its counterparts – from any angle – and that is despite it not being the biggest car in its segment. Credit goes to the designers, who are possibly one of the first to make a three-box car under four metres in length look like a proper sedan. That’s how proportionate the design is. In my personal opinion, if the Amaze is made to wear wheels that are a size bigger (it rides on 15-inch alloys in the V and VX variant) with a slightly reduced profile, it should look very aggressive. And this aggression in design is a first for this segment – a reason why I sum up its exterior design as a breath of fresh air.

Honda Amaze Space

As mentioned previously, the Amaze’s cabin feels spacious. Apart from the increase in real estate, the design also adds to the sense of spaciousness. The dashboard, for example, is designed in a way that the car feels wide from the driver’s seat. The black-beige interior theme makes it appear roomy. There’s use of hard plastic all around but it doesn’t appear cheap. Apart from the flimsy-looking plastic used for the glovebox and the plastic panel that holds the USB and power sockets, the overall fit and finish inside the cabin is quite good. The use of glossy black inserts on the dashboard lends the cabin a premium touch. The steering wheel is new and looks much like the one on the Civic. There’s no leather on the steering, or anywhere inside the cabin for that matter, but it’s made of soft-touch plastic and feels upmarket. It looks like Honda’s engineers paid a lot of attention to make the Amaze look modern on the inside, and they have managed to do just that.

The Amaze’s dashboard is designed such that it is thick in the middle, with AC vents on top and a lot of space between the dashboard and the windscreen, like on most modern-day cars. The bigger dashboards these days are designed keeping safety of occupants in mind but they increase the chances of error in judging the car’s extremities. If you’re not amused with such a design, you’ll be happy to note that from the Amaze’s driver’s seat, most of us will be able to see the bonnet clearly and we’re sure that’ll help you estimate the car’s front-end better.

The third and most important aspect of a car’s interior is comfort and the Amaze scores well on this front too. The seats, both at the front and at the rear, are accommodating and well bolstered. This time around, the front seats get adjustable headrests in all variants except the base and these are also suitably designed to offer support. On the V and VX variants that we drove, the front seats were adjustable for height and alongside the tilt-adjustable steering wheel, it allowed getting into a good driving position a breeze. There’s no front armrest but I didn’t feel the need of it either. Personally, I have felt the need of a front armrest only when the bolsters on the front seats that offer lateral support stick out too much. That’s not the case in the Amaze. There’s an armrest with cup holders for the rear passengers though. However, there aren’t any rear AC vents. That said, Honda has improved the Amaze’s air-con and first impressions about cabin cooling are positive. For more info n Honda Amaze check Ieso2013

Honda Amaze Engine

The engine itself is a champ, accelerating smoothly and effortlessly, with none of the lag that is often seen in other turbocharged diesels. The peak power output of the engine is 100 PS at 3,600 rpm (Honda hadn’t confirmed the details of the India-spec Amaze earlier). The peak torque of the 1.5-litre i-DTEC engine is 200 Nm from a low 1,750 rpm. But, the best part of the engine is that almost 80 per cent of that torque is available from as low as 1,250 rpm.

Combining that with a short first and a taller second and third gears in the 5-speed manual gearbox that has been chosen, means that most city drivers can stay in second or third gear without the risk of running out of torque or of knocking setting in, if they are stuck in slow-moving traffic.The gearbox itself is shared with the 5-speed transmission in the Brio, but for both the petrol and diesel powertrains in the Amaze, the gearbox has seen considerable changes to improve shift feel and ease. Special bearing guides are said to have been employed for increasing the smoothness of the shift.

The petrol powertrain in the Amaze is a straight lift from the Brio, without any changes to the engine characteristics. Changes induced by the ratios for the gearbox apart, the overall feel of the 1,198cc, four-cylinder engine is identical to the Brio. This was always a refined and perfectly tuned petrol engine for city driving. There is enough power and low end torque for crawling conditions and so it will be a perfect urban car. Peak power is the same 88 PS at 6,000 rpm and peak torque is also the same 109 Nm at 4,500.

Honda Amaze Driving

The ride and handling quality in the new Amaze is very familiar. With the weight differential being just about 100 kgs between the petrol and diesel siblings and it being just about 60 kgs between the Brio and the Amaze, there is not much of a change in the handling department. The bigger wheelbase certainly adds to the Amaze’s level of confidence while cornering and even seems to just add that bit at high speeds on the straights.

The suspension settings are again a carry forward from the Brio and are the same in both the variants of the Amaze. The other factor that improves the ride quality of the Amaze for rear passengers is the 96mm thick rear seat cushion that Honda engineers have designed especially for the India-spec model. The driver of the Amaze gets seat height adjustment of upto 50mm and a increase in the amount of storage options compared to the Brio. There is also a new 3D, floating instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Otherwise, the features in the cabin of the new Amaze are the same as in the Brio. The hatch also had loads of legroom at the rear and there is just as much room in the Amaze too. The only feature that could have been bettered in the Amaze is the finish quality of some of the plastic parts.

Honda Amaze Safety

Forget about the bumps and speed breakers on the road, as you would hardly feel any when driving a Honda Amaze car. This car comes with powerful Macpherson strut coil springs for the front suspension and Torsion beam coil springs for the rear. You hardly feel a bump because these springs absorb every load to ensure you get the most comfortable ride ever. A crucial aspect of safety for any vehicle is its braking system. Honda Amaze has ventilated disc brakes for the front wheels and drum brakes for the rear to ensure that the car comes to a smooth halt every time you use them to stop the vehicle. Apart from these brakes,

Honda Amaze has ABS and EBD to prevent any skidding of the wheels when you apply sudden brakes under slippery road conditions. A manual handbrake provided near the gearshift handle helps you to avoid the rolling down of your car when you park it on a steep slope. Honda Amaze has a strong body capable of absorbing the toughest of shocks. All Honda Amaze models come equipped with dual airbags for both driver and front-seat passenger. Besides these safety features, Honda Amaze has engine immobiliser, child safety locks, a central locking system, and rear parking assists. ISOFIX Child seat mount is another additional safety feature that you do not get in any other model.

Honda Amaze Cost in Ahmedabad

Honda Amaze On-Road Price in Ahmedabad ranges from 6,38,007 to 9,90,184 for variants Amaze E MT Petrol and Amaze V CVT Diesel respectively. Honda Amaze is available in 13 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Honda Amaze variants price in Ahmedabad. Check for Amaze price in Ahmedabad at Autozhop.

Honda Amaze Conclusion

Honda developed this new platform keeping the Amaze, a sub-4m sedan, in mind. It has resulted in making the Amaze more proportionate than ever. In fact, the design would make you believe that it’s bigger than what it actually is.

Honda has also offered all possible powertrains it could and that makes it easier for buyers to choose the Amaze with the right engine-transmission combination according to their needs. While the petrol engine isn’t the most exciting of units, the 100PS diesel engine will make you enjoy the drive and is our pick of the lot. The diesel-CVT is also potent, but only when it is driven in a relaxed manner.

The first-gen Amaze’s two other shortcomings – lack of features and high NVH (diesel) levels – have also been addressed in the new model. So, it is finally capable of delivering the big car experience that we now expect from other sub-4 metre sedans.

Honda Amaze Hatchback First Drive & Gearbox
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