Datsun GO Overview

If style is what you are looking for at the lowest and most affordable prices, the Datsun GO is the perfect car for you. An ideal car for first time buyers, you get the feeling of buying something very classy when you choose the Datsun GO. You have the technological brilliance of the Japanese car giant, Nissan working in your favour. One of the few cars to have made their global debut in India, the Datsun GO has the Hyundai Eon and the Maruti Alto K10 as its main competitors.The Datsun GO images can be alluring to look at. In fact, you would just feel the itch to have a test drive, just to experience the feel of sitting inside a classy car. The Datsun GO specifications are very much similar to that of the Nissan’s Micra. You have the similar compact body while being spacious all the time. The major objective of Nisan is to cater to the dreams of the first time car buyers in the Tier 2 and the Tier 3 cities of India. The Datsun GO exterior is definitely impressive in comparison to its immediate competitors. With six variants in this price range, the Datsun GO does offer a great choice while being economical all the same. It is very difficult to get a car as spacious as the Datsun GO in this price range. The Datsun GO interior can accommodate five persons easily without anyone having to squeeze in. These are some of the attractive Datsun GO features that should entice you to opt for this hatchback in comparison to their peers. This vehicle saves cabin space by including the hand brake and the gear shift lever on the dashboard. You have some unique features such as the mobile docking point and the rear folding seats to increase cargo space as very interesting ones.

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Datsun GO Design

Similar is the case with the Indian car market. The sub 4-metre and the small size engine duty have made the business a bit too complicated for car manufacturers. Compact-size sedans and even SUVs are making their way, with some compromise. However, Datsun has introduced a larger hatch called as the Datsun GO+. It is being marketed as a compact utility vehicle and does it do that? We take it for a weekend camping trip and find out how much of the addition exists.

The PLUS stands for the larger boot and additional third row of seating. The Datsun GO+ is based on the GO, and it shows the striking resemblance. The fascia’s of both are the same and the body design is the same till the rear door. After which the belt line rises as you move towards the rear and even the wheel haunches are protuberant. The blacked-out door pillar after the rear door (C-pillar) has a lesser glass area and this makes it very prominent. The roof also gently slopes downwards towards the rear. The boot lid of the Datsun GO is a new body part and the tail lamps are the same as the GO. The rear bumper looks stylish and does look muscular.

The length of the Datsun GO+ is under 4 metres, so it is as long as the Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. However, what this offers is extra flexibility with another row of seating or a humongous boot, when compared to the compact sedans and SUVs. As the ground clearance is the same, it drives like any other compact car and is easy to manoeuvre through tight city lanes with a turning radius of 4.6 metres.

Datsun GO Cabin

It’s the interior of the Go that truly impresses. Yes, there’s no getting away from the fact that Datsun has built the Go with a stiff price target in mind; things like not having a lid for the glovebox, or not having passenger side power window operation on the driver’s side make this quite obvious. As does the fact that there’s no internal adjustment for the ORVMs even in the top of the line variant or the fact that the rear seat belts don’t use an inertia reel. The latter, by the way, is very inconvenient.

But, the fit and finish in the cabin, the quality of plastic and the operability of switches and dials be it for the light or wiper stalks or the air conditioning or even the windows, is well executed. In these areas, the Datsun Go just doesn’t feel like a car built to such a tight price target. The cabin feels airy as well thanks to the light coloured plastic and large glass area. It’s got decent storage areas too, does the Go. The door pockets can hold a bottle and a few thinner items, the open glovebox has usable space as well and then there’s storage under and to the right of the steering wheel. What the Datsun Go doesn’t get are cup holders, which to us is an oversight

The seats meanwhile are a mixed bag. The ones at the front offer good thigh support but the backrest is just too thin; so thin in fact that if one were to lean on the backrest a bit too much, the seat’s internals will be felt. The driving position meanwhile could have been fantastic, if it wasn’t for that backrest again. The steering and gear shifter location feels natural, the floor pedals are well spaced and the seat bottom is a good length and is well located in terms of height as well. But, no matter how one positions the backrest, it’s near impossible to find a truly comfortable driving position.

Datsun GO Performance

Datsun GO shares the same 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine with the Nissan Micra. The only difference is the better tuning in this particular engine. This allows for greater fuel efficiency. Capable of achieving a speed of 100 kmph within 13.3 seconds is a tremendous achievement for such a small car as the Datsun GO. The well insulated cabin muzzles the sound and vibrations of the 3-cylinder engine thereby paving the way for a comfortable Datsun GO performance. The 5-speed manual Datsun GO transmission is an efficient one by all means.

The Datsun GO petrol engine is a fuel efficient one in all respects. With a Datsun GO mileage of 20.63 kmpl, it rivals that of the Hyundai i10. Having a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres, a tank full of petrol can allow you to traverse quite a comfortable distance. This Datsun GO petrol engine exhibits a high torque thereby enabling it to achieve higher levels of fuel economy.

Datsun GO Driving Dynamics

As far as ride and handling goes, the Datsun is a mixed bag. It feels comfortable cruising at about 110kmph but then on, it begins to feel flighty. The steering response and feel also takes a turn for the worse as speeds continue to rise. Handling wise, with those skinny 155 section tyres and body roll, the Go doesn’t score too highly, but then, as Nissan Datsun argue, the go is a city car. And in the city besides its light controls that make it an easy car to live with, it has an acceptable ride too. It rides well at slower speeds and over mild bumps and potholes, but at speed the suspension gets noisy and it also crashes into pronounced bumps. There’s also a hint of vibration constantly accompanying the ride.

Datsun GO Braking and Safety

Having set its price range in the most economical band, it is natural that you should not expect all the safety features in the Datsun GO. The vehicle does have disc brakes on the front wheel but lacks the auto braking system. Hence, experiencing wheel lock-ups especially when you brake hard is common. Though the car might tend to change its direction a bit during this procedure, it still manages to feel stable at high speeds. The suspension can make the car feel a bit bouncy on the uneven roads. As far as the overall Datsun Braking and Safety is concerned, you have seat belts for all the passengers. It can be difficult to imagine Nissan providingairbags at this pricing level. Some of the important Datsun GO features are the engine immobiliser, child locks, and the manual central locking system.

Datsun GO Price

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Datsun GO Bottomline

Our initial stint with the Datsun GO has impressed us. The car has a lot going for it. While most vehicles in this segment offer a compromised product, Nissan has given first time car buyers a genuinely good alternative although cost cutting is glaringly evident in many places. The GO not only ticks the right boxes when it comes to important criterias like space, comfort, ride quality, efficiency and affordability, it is also appealing and not obnoxiously shaped like some of its rivals. The 2-year/unlimited mileage warranty is just the cherry on the GO (no pun intended) and as ironic as it may sound, the GO’s chief rival has its name in its tagline. Nissan is serious about the Indian market and with its solo journey commenced for sales and service, the Datsun GO is undoubtedly one of the best cars for the first time car buyer.

Datsun GO Features Specifications

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