Liposuction is a very common cosmetic procedure which is performed to remove excess body fat and improve body contour. Therefore, it is sometimes also referred to as body contouring. It is popular with both men and women but while men usually have it done on the waist, women most often want surgical removal of fat from their thighs and the hip area. However, liposuction can also be used to remove unwanted fat from other parts of the body including buttocks, arms and even neck and face.

Why It’s Done?

Just like other cosmetic procedures, liposuction is done to improve one’s physical appearance. By removing stubborn fat from “problematic” areas, it helps create a leaner appearance and more attractive body shape. Often done in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, most often tummy tuck, liposuction is occasionally also used for surgical breast reduction.

Rarely, it is used for medical reasons, for example treating lipomas (benign fatty growths or tumours), a condition known as gynaecomastia that causes breast enlargement in men and the so-called lipodystrophy which is characterised by anomalies in fat distribution.

Liposuction, as we all know, is a popular cosmetic surgery for people who cannot reduce fat with exercise or a proper balanced healthy diet. However, there is still a lot of misinformation and myths associated with this surgery. Liposuction basically involves removing stubborn fat from the body. This aesthetic surgery leaves scars which are very minute often as small as half an inch. The process involves inserting a hollow metal tube into the target area with a small incision. Common areas which can be treated with liposuction include the belly section, hip area, side fat, thighs, leg area, breast section, back, and arms. In this article, we will be talking about some misconceptions about liposuction and know the truth behind them.

Liposuction is ideal for dramatic weight loss

A person who is under a comprehensive diet and exercise regime and yet is unable to get rid of the stubborn fat is an ideal candidate for liposuction. Often called as saddlebags, muffin top, bat wings, and thunder thighs, there are many targeted trouble zone of an obese patient which have excess fat which he or she cannot lose and hence they are the best medical cases for a liposuction procedure. Aesthetic surgeons often tend to turn away patients who want dramatic weight loss with liposuction, because such results would not look very natural and, apart from it being not medically safe. For more details on Liposuction check Spectralreview

Men don’t go for Liposuction

In recent years, liposuction has got popularized as a cosmetic surgery both among men and women. However, there is a myth that men do not prefer liposuction and this is not true in any sense. Liposuction fulfills the different need for both men and woman. The areas which need treatment are generally different for both women and men. For example, women mostly tend to reduce fat from their hips and thighs, whereas in men the primary focus is on the stomach areas and under their chin.

Liposuction has an age Limit

No, it does not have any age limit however those interested in liposuction should be more than 18 years old so their body is formed fully, and they are mature enough to take such a decision. However, adults who are healthy both physically and mentally and have realistic goals for what liposuction can accomplish may qualify for this cosmetic surgery. But there are certain additional anesthesia risks for those in their ripe years, but with the advancements of liposuction techniques such as SmartLipo, one can have more options.

Liposuction makes diet and exercises a thing of the past

A patient must consider his targeted liposuction process as simply a support in achieving a perfect body image; however, it should not be the only solution. Though weight gain in post-liposuction period can produce unflattering results but a health regimen that consists of a balanced diet with a proper workout plan can certainly help to heal post-liposuction process and yet maintaining desired results even in long-term.

Liposuction can remove cellulite

One of the basic concern among many obese patients is the cellulite and unfortunately for that liposuction is not the right answer. Cellulite develops in a person when connective tissues under the skin that provide shape to body fat start hardening, which creates areas inside the skin bulge out, providing a lumpy cottage cheese like appearance, The “Cellulite”. However, there are some cases where patients with poor skin elasticity are suggested not to go for excessive removal of superficial fat as it can possibly worsen the appearance of cellulite.

The body might regain the reduced fat

This is one of the most common myths that cosmetic surgeons come across. Patients undergoing liposuction often fear about the fat returning back. However, neither there is scientific proof for this fact neither do the doctors agree. Fat cells grow evenly in the body and, with liposuction they only get fewer in number in a specific area. If a person gains weight, it will be equal for all the areas of the body. With liposuction, one can maintain the contour of the body.

It is possible to have Instant flat abs and Breast Reduction with Liposuction

This myth is partially true, but it is very important to know the level of expectation one can attain. The reason being, the lesser the amount of fat one has in the body, the higher are his chances of getting a well-sculpted figure. However, fat removal from the breast is possible up to a little extent or else it can create size issues.

The mystery tool of liposuction

The mysterious and magical tool has an official name “cannula”. These are actually hollow, cylindrical wands which come in a variety of length and diameter. A Cannula which has the smallest diameter can shape delicate, inaccessible facial areas precisely with minimum or no visible scars which require no stitches. However, the cannulas with large diameter require stitches and are generally used for removing a large amount of fat removal from areas like abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Results of Liposuction Are Very Instant

Though liposuction takes away unwanted fat almost instantly, a patient might not be able to see the results of the surgery for some time. That is because the body needs time to heal the inflammation of the surgery and restore to its original shape. Hence in the primary months of post- liposuction, having some swelling in the operated area is very common. So a patient must hold patience after liposuction. One might not be ready to dress up in a two-piece swimsuit or a cropped dress immediately. In a matter of a few weeks or months, a patient can be ready to show off his new shape to the world.

Non-surgical Liposuction is not Liposuction at all

It is a general belief that liposuction is a surgical procedure. The fact is very true as it involves making an incision in the target area though very small. However, there are some non-surgical procedures as well where fat is removed from the body slowly by applying heat or ultrasound externally. The fat removed this way is much less than the surgical one.

In spite of having such myths and mysteries, one cannot deny the positive impact of the liposuction one has on obese patients. Apart from the beauty benefits of liposuction, reduction of body fat will any way helps lowering cholesterol; diabetes, and the risk of heart diseases and certain types of cancer. There are more than 200,000 liposuction procedures which are performed by trained surgeons annually. Liposuction thud clearly benefits the patients in every way who choose to undergo it.

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10 Common Misconceptions About Liposuction
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